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Why you should choose the Calibre Wheel Shop

We have been providing performance car parts for over 10 years, and our aim has always been to provide a straight forward and raved about online experience. We know how important your car is to you so we work with you to make sure you pick the correct parts to obtain the look and style that you desire.

We offer a next day delivery service on all wheels that are in stock in the UK. We strive to offer as much information as possible before you place the order which is why you can be confident that your order will be processed without any issues. Our online stock check shows wheels that are in stock in the UK and also in Europe so you know you are buying items readily available.

We offer the full Calibre Wheel range in all the sizes and fitments available whether its for a small hatchback or commercial vehicle. Want a wheel and tyre package? Then you will be happy to know we can provide tyres fitted and balanced from performance budgets to Yokohama and Toyo. Want a specific tyre size or brand? Call us and we will aim to complete your request.